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To our team at Mulligan, Pizza is sacred. These crispy, cheesy, saucy discs of glory are our favorite way to fuel our fun… so preparing them perfectly is a source of pride.

This is obviously not the case for everyone. Unfortunately, some aren’t as studied in the art of pizza as we are, and it can lead to some disastrous results.

A “Mulligan” is a do-over, and these heartbreaking pies could definitely use one:

Bubble Bubble Dough and Trouble

Think of the disappointment. You’re expecting crispy pie, you open the oven and *LIGHTNING STRIKES* “It’s Alive!!”

Pizza is not supposed to come in blob or balloon form. Can you think of anything less appetizing than having to POP your dinner?

Just a Little off the Top

Chef or delivery guy, somebody owes us an apology for this pizza. As much as everyone loves the crust, let’s be honest, pizza is all about the toppings. Sad that when it comes to this pie, most of the flavor ended up on the box.

You know your night needs a Mulligan when you’re asking yourself “is that sausage… or cardboard?”

The Struggle Slice

Oh no. How did it come to this? Was the toaster oven broken? Did someone forget to pay the gas bill?

This is most pathetic pizza prep we’ve ever seen… and you know the person who would do this would also forget to clean the iron, so now all their dress shirts smell like oregano.

Feel (Just Don’t Taste) the Burn

Who ordered a pepperoni and charcoal pizza? Nobody ever? Okay, cool.

Please check the timer when you’re preparing a pie. Slices are not supposed to be served “well done.”

A Real Horrorshow

Who knew it was possible to make pizza… terrifying? What sick mind devised this? Is it even pizza?

Are those SHRIMP? Is that HONEY MUSTARD? Who puts a sauce dip cup right in the middle of the pizza? Oh no, I just noticed the hot dogs…

This pizza raises a lot of questions, including “How messed up does it have to get before it’s no longer a pizza?”

That’s all we can handle as far as bad pizzas go… time for a palate cleanser:

Ah… That’s better. Look at those perfectly distributed toppings, ideal amount of crispiness, and generally unmistakable expert pizza-craft!

At Mulligan, we promise your pizza will always look and taste this good. We’re pizza lovers ourselves, so it’s a point of pride to make perfect pies every time!

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