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Once the song is over, the wish is made, and the candles are out – there’s one taste you’re fantasizing about. Your palate is tied to your personality… so what’s the flavor of your celebration?

Like a sweet and frosted zodiac, your Birthday Cake of choice has something to say about you. Read on to find your sugary sign!

White Cake

Easy to please, you appreciate the simple things in life. You don’t judge people who need to go all-out, but you’re happiest when just taking it slow and relaxing. You know what you like and how to get it, and never have to try that hard. As long as you’re around friends, you have everything you need right in front of you.

Chocolate Cake

Bold and expressive, whether we’re talking work or play, you’re the kind that gives everything 100%. Fearlessly ready for fun, your party would be a blast even if you were the only one there – but you’re always surrounded by friends. Your joyful magnetism draws them in!

Lemon Cake

Vivacious and a little out there, you’re known as a bit of a wild card, and you’re fine with that. Your preferred place to be is off the beaten path, but you make everyone feel at home there. Though you’re full of pep and zest, you don’t always have to be the center of attention, and are just as likely to light up a room as you are to blend in with the crowd – depending on your mood.

Marble Cake

Complex and open-minded, you’re the kind of person who never settles for less. Though nobody would describe you as “laid back” – you command respect with your sophistication and unique perspective. You believe you can have it all, and when you put your mind to it, prove that you usually can.

Confetti Cake

A real kid at heart, your sense of play will never go away. Quick with a joke (and even quicker to laugh), you have a wacky side and aren’t easy to embarrass because you have a sense of humor about yourself. Your birthday wish was probably for a pet Unicorn, and you’re just whimsical enough to think it might come true.

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