Accessibility guidelines

Mulligan Family Fun Centers Accessibility Guidelines

Welcome to Mulligan Family Fun Centers. We hope that you have a pleasant stay with us. We are committed to providing each of our guests with a memorable, safe and enjoyable experience. We have prepared these Accessibility Guidelines to help each guest determine his or her ability to participate in attractions and access services in our park. For more detailed information about our attractions, please contact a member of our park management or one of our Team Members.

We strongly recommend that you carefully consider your health and comfort along with the nature of each attraction before making the decision to participate. Our safety criteria are based on manufactures’ requirements and the ability of a guest to utilize all safety restraints and devices as designed, be and remain safely seated in the ride vehicle, maintain a proper riding posture throughout the course of the ride, and understand the rules and participant policies as posted at all attractions.

There are inherent risks in an amusement park and especially in amusement rides as well as our Lazer Tag and Miniature Golf courses. Our amusement rides have features such as high speeds, sharp turns, sudden stops, twists, or other dynamic forces. If you choose to ride, or participate you accept the risks associated with these attractions. You should be in good health and know your physical condition and limitations. We do not know your condition and limitations. If you suspect that your health could be at risk, that you might aggravate a pre-existing condition, or that your personal safety or the safety of others may be compromised if you go on a ride or attraction, DO NOT RIDE OR PARTICIPATE.

We strongly recommend that you do not go on dynamic attractions if you have heart problems, back or neck problems, you are pregnant, you have had recent surgery or if you have stitches or sutures, you are wearing an arm or full-leg cast, you are prone to seizures or motion sickness, you use a cervical collar or neck brace or if you have other musculoskeletal or neurological conditions that could be negatively affected by forces generated by twists, turns, high speeds, sudden stops, and physical requirements. If you are unsure of your ability to safely participate in an attraction, please ask our management personnel or visit our Sales Counter.

Generally, a guest must be able to brace while seated and support his or her head and neck while the ride is moving. Mechanical problems, power interruptions, and weather conditions may make it necessary to evacuate participants from a ride, attraction or from a structure or building. Guests will encounter a variety of obstacles if an evacuation is required. Guests must either maneuver around obstacles and use stairs, ladders, or calmly wait to be evacuated to a safe environment.

On some rides, we may require a responsible person to accompany a guest. A responsible person will be at least 18 years old and be physically and mentally able to meet all the requirements for riding on an attraction.

Trained service animals are welcome at Mulligan. Under the ADA, service animals are limited to dogs and miniature horses that been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of the individual with a disability. Comfort animals, emotional support animals, or therapy animals are not service animals according to ADA regulations and these animals are not permitted in the park. Service animals must remain on a harness or leash no longer than four feet and under the control of their handler at all times and be house broken. If at any time a service animal’s behavior is out of control, the Guest will be asked to remove the animal from the park. Service animals are prohibited on all rides due to manufacturer safety requirements. Service animals are permitted on the miniature golf courses. On all other attractions, someone in the Guest’s party must stay with the service animal while the Guest rides the attraction. Owners are responsible for cleaning and disposing of animal waste.

Mulligan Family Fun Centers allows anyone to participate if he or she meets all the posted requirements for an attraction and he or she is not a hazard to himself, herself, or to other guests. We have designed our participation requirements to allow our guests to enjoy our parks to the greatest degree possible, while remaining compliant with the manufacturers’ specifications. Below is an explanation of the requirements for guests to safely enjoy our rides.

SEATED POSTURE CONTROL. A guest must have enough body and spinal control to be able to sit upright on the ride without the aid of devices or other people. The guest must be able to maintain proper riding posture while the ride is moving, including during twists, turns, and bumps.

APPROPRIATE CENTER OF GRAVITY. A guest’s body must have the appropriate weight distribution for the attraction.

UPPER TORSO, HEAD, AND NECK CONTROL. A guest must have sufficient muscle control to support his or her head, neck, and upper torso while the ride is moving.

ABILITY TO HOLD ON USING UPPER EXTREMITIES. On most rides, the guest must have at least one functioning arm (including prostheses) that allow the guest to have good grip control and the ability to brace while the ride is moving. The guest’s functioning arm must be sufficiently strong to allow the guest to maintain the proper riding position for the full duration of the ride.

THREE FUNCTIONING EXTREMITIES. On some rides, a guest must have a minimum of three functioning extremities (two legs and an arm) to either operate the ride, or to brace during the ride and to enter and exit ride vehicle and the attraction.

ABILITY TO ENTER AND EXIT THE RIDE VEHICLE WITHIN ESTABLISHED PARAMETERS WITHOUT ENDANGERING ONESELF OR OTHERS. The guest must be able to enter and exit the ride vehicle without jeopardizing himself or herself or other people and to assist with their own evacuation if necessary. This may include special arrangements such as having someone assist the guest when boarding. If a guest needs to be lifted into or out of a ride vehicle, this must be done by a responsible person in the guest’s party who is accustomed to doing this task. Our employees are not trained or permitted to do this.

APPROPRIATE OBSERVED BEHAVIOR. A guest must demonstrate appropriate observed behavior, including maintaining proper ride posture, attention, compliance with safety instruction and proper use of all ride and safety equipment. This includes keeping all body parts inside the vehicle at all times, remaining seated in an upright position until the ride stops and you are asked to exit, facing forward while the vehicle is moving and securing all personal property (glasses, cameras, etc.) if they are brought onto the ride.

APPROPRIATE HEIGHT AND WEIGHT. A guest must meet the minimum and maximum height and weight requirements to ride and must be able to properly use all passenger restraint systems, such as seat belts and lap bars. Minimum and maximum height and weight requirements are posted at the entrance of each ride.

PARTICIPANT REQUIREMENTS: Signs are posted at the entrance to each ride, which specify the requirements for guests to participate. Please read the posted requirements for participating prior to going on an attraction and read and obey all warning signs.

HAVE QUESTIONS? PLEASE ASK: Safety restraints, turns, and ride forces will vary on each attraction. If you are unsure if a ride is appropriate for you or a member of your party, please ask a Team Member before riding. Thank You!