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What Your Mini-Golf-Ball Color of Choice Says About You

Did you know while you were shooting for a hole-in-one, you were also showing your true colors? Check out what your choice of hue says about you:


You’re the straightforward type. Probably the person in your mini-golf crew who can be trusted to keep score and know all the right rules, you keep the game on track, and everyone looks to you when something unexpected happens.


Quite the ray of sunshine! You’re the type that has fun whether you’re a skilled player or the kind that needs a few mulligans per hole. To you, mini golf isn’t about winning, it’s about making everyone smile!


You’re the wild card! Enthusiastic and unpredictable, you’re just as likely to hit a perfect hole-in-one as you are to be yelling “FORE!” as your ball sails towards an unsuspecting family the next hole over.


In it to win it, you’re the most competitive player of the bunch. Strategic and determined, for you it’s all about points on the board and who comes out as the cherry on top!


You’re not taking this too seriously. In fact, the mini golf game is basically secondary to your phone – but everyone in the group will be grateful for the memories and artfully-composed Instagram pics afterward! #AndThatsSomething


You’re the slow and steady type, and probably ended up with such a drably colored ball because you waited for everyone else to pick first. Still, patience pays off, and you’re likely hitting right on par every time.


If the Dark Green ball is the Tortoise… You’re the Hare. For you, every hole is an opportunity to try a wild experimental ricochet shot or find another risky way to play off the beaten path.


You’re the perfectionist, never taking a shot until you’ve planned out every bounce, cleared any leaves or debris from your ball’s path, and used your club to aim a straight line at least five times. It might be an annoying strategy to your group, but you know it works.

Did one of these ring true for you? Either way, come show us how YOU play by visiting our course! Click here to shop online for even more fun opportunities.

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