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5 Mini Golf Fails that Could Use a Mulligan

Ideally, Mini Golf is both rewarding and relaxing. Appropriate for almost any age, it’s a game that brings people together with friendly competition and a splash of skill.

But… people make mistakes, and that’s why the “Mulligan” was invented. Do-overs are nothing to be ashamed of, and that’s lucky, because these Mini-Golfers are definitely going to need them:

This Relatable Rage Machine


This might seem like an overreaction, but we’ve all been there for one reason or another. Maybe his “missing a putt” is your “trying to fix a jammed printer” or “waking up 30 minutes late for work.”

This Oblivious Champion


What he lacks in attention span, he makes up for in accuracy. Too bad this little guy was too distracted to enjoy his incredible putt! There’s a good lesson somewhere in this GIF, and we’ll figure it out as soon as we’re done watching this YouTube video… OH! And that’s an interesting ad…

This Cute Scooper


This is exactly what Mulligans are for! We got our adorable video, now somebody show him how to hold a club, please.

This 360-Degree Powerhouse


This guy has got a (literally) dizzying swing! Sometimes with golf though, less is more – and more is FORE! Look out!

This Regretful Ricochet-er


Ouch! That miscalculation had some pretty instant consequences. Way to somehow turn Mini Golf into a contact sport… definitely take a Mulligan on that one.

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